Reflection Time!

This first topic has got me all hyped up as to what is coming on our way. I find the topic refreshing as it never really came across my mind as to who I am on the digital world and how important digital profiles are! My classmates’ postings has given me unique insights on this issue.


Upon reading Corrine’s post, I raised a question to her regarding how she measures the magnitude of presence on the web. Her answer “presence on the web doesn’t really focus on the number of platforms people use, although they do come into play to a certain extent, but more of how effectively they utilize the web to make their presence known or felt.” (Corrine, 2014) ties in exactly with how I feel about whether or not one is a visitor or resident. She also mentioned in her reply about Youtuber JacksGap. I can relate well as it strongly emphasizes how one can magnify their presence on the web regardless of the number of platforms utilized.


Jeanne gave an detailed description of how one’s digital identity is not tied to age while Khai showed that “context” is better related to it. Hence, I think one’s identity on the web is hard to be defined because there are many factors behind it.

Is one’s identity really that important? I would say yes! Be it finding a job or even working as a Marketer, we should identify people’s role (resident / visitor) to know how we can better communicate our messages to our audience.

I do recommend Yvonne’s post as it has a good take on the implications of how the digital world affects our learning process. In conclusion, learning is never ending! To keep up in this ever changing society, we ought to learn about ourselves and the people around us.

Cheers! 🙂

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