Let’s recall

Through Topic 3, I learnt the power of building Authentic Digital Profiles. We are always striving to keep up to change and challenges. As a marketer, you want to identify trends before your competitors do. As an individual, you want to find success in life.

Indeed, times are changing and as Charmaine highlighted the possibility of digital profiles overtaking traditional resumes. I recalled learning in our HRM Module that employers take roughly 20 seconds to screen a resume. It struck me on how influential our digital profiles may be on our future employers. So how then are we able to leverage on our digital profiles to stay competent among the noise? Is a video resume enough?

As I exchanged views with Jeanne, she raised a good thought about the possibility of LinkedIn becoming as common as a resume since everyone is gearing towards the formation of a digital profile. It stimulated my thinking  and I feel that it wouldn’t become a “commodity” like a resume as long as you stay:



Our digital profiles are only there to showcase who we are and what we possess, if we fail to leverage on them by engaging and building connections, we won’t stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at LinkedIn:

Source: LinkedIn

That number shows you how vast a connection you can build there if you excel in engaging and adding value to your digital profile consistently. This is the process of leveraging on these digital platforms. Note that we are only looking at the figures for LinkedIn! Building on my idea of a digital profile as “advertisement”: Apart from building your authentic digital profile, connecting with other professionals is vital to increase views for your “advertisement” and thereby securing your place in the “market”. So let’s build and connect to reach our goal: A Dream Job!

Till then! 🙂


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