And…it’s reflection time again!

Yet another eye-opening topic! Once again, there are a variation of issues posted by my peers which I learnt from! Through Corrine’s reflection post, I was opened up to these concepts in which I have made use of a Prezi as a mind-map to present:

prezi green vs gold

Click on the picture to get a clearer view!

Kamil Mizera suggested that both concepts are complementary (Kamil Mizera,2013). Hence, as this movement further develops, I think there is a possibility of a merge between the two concepts. Additionally, the existence of these two models provides authors with the freedom of choice based on which concept is more beneficial to them. I.E Gearing towards the Green concept if authors have economic concerns. Since I am the audience/reader, I will consider both concepts’ platforms when searching for information to avoid encountering journals that are not truly peer reviewed, affecting my findings. 

Moreover, Ebrahim has introduced the free online-learning platform, Coursera. His example illustrated how open access in education substantially removes the economic barrier for people who thirst for knowledge. It builds onto what I mentioned about reaching out to those in developing countries. As internet becomes more accessible to them, apart from improving healthcare infrastructure, people can receive free education through such open access education platforms!

I was also intrigued by open access in musicAnna elaborated  well on this topic with Spotify, a free platform for streaming music. As I engaged in a discussion with Anna, I was better convinced that Spotify contributes to the music industry and does not undervalue an artist/ content creators’ work by allowing free streaming. Anna justified it by how artists/ content creators’ have plentiful sources of growing revenues. I also learnt how free-streaming platforms aid in reducing a big problem, piracy.

This chart tells us the amount of ongoing Online Piracy acts. (Statista, 2013)

Therefore, I still support the open access movement as I am able to witness its’ beneficial areas more. As an audience, I hope that people are appreciative of the availability of free information/content!


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Mizera, K. (2013). Green OA vs. Gold OA. Which one to choose? | Open Science. [online] Open Science. Available at: [Accessed 10 Dec. 2014].

Mizera, K. (2014). greengold. [image] Available at: [Accessed 10 Dec. 2014].

Statista, (2013). ChartOfTheDay_1530_Top_10_copyright_owners_reporting_to_Google_n. [image] Available at: [Accessed 10 Dec. 2014].



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