The End

The rise of the digital world has brought about tremendous changes. It has integrated into our daily lives and become part of us. This module significantly empowered me to do some thinking as I utilize digital platforms in today’s world. Firstly, let’s look at how I have progressed!

self test

Collaboration with my peers through commenting and feedback was one of my learning highlights. Prior to the module, I always felt that Twitter is not a useful platform in the professional context. However I was proved wrong when I experienced the engagement with others and grow my interest of marketing. TweetDeck allowed me to locate tweets respectively for academic and professional purposes.


TweetDeck Experience

Twitter also gave me to the opportunity to connect with fellow schoolmates over in Southampton! I have taken into account the importance of ethics on social media, be it professional or personal profiles. As I still prefer keeping a space between the two identities, I realized the importance of managing them for authenticity. Thinking twice before I post anything and keeping in mind that nothing is ever private,  I became more mindful and knowledgeable about safeguarding my digital footprints. I am sure most of us gained followers who are professionals/ companies related to Marketing. Hence, I can learn from marketing professionals all over the globe on Twitter besides LinkedIn.


Personal Account: Private       Professional Account: Public


Re-Tweets as a form of Shoutouts to my peers.


Engaging on Twitter with #UOSM2033 students

follower example

A professional that followed me on Twitter. He is the Founder of Hands Digital, a creative company and writes about social media/creativity.

Next, I picked up tips on building my digital profile. When I comprehended the power of LinkedIn in terms of building a digital network, I regretted not joining it earlier.


LinkedIn Profile

Through the input of relevant information and skills, I increased my profile strength. However, I lack vastly in terms of connection. Hence, I am working on connecting with peers and acquiring endorsements from them. Another source of connection is joining interests groups where I want to engage in discussion.


Working on Connections & Endorsement from my peers.


Groups that I am joining to increase engagement on online communities.

Since I am looking for an internship opportunity, LinkedIn is a good platform for me to identify and follow potential companies to learn about them beforehand. This module helps prepare me to hunt for internship opportunities and enhance my future career prospects. Consistency was achieved through the same profile picture for all my professional profiles.

The initial experience with Prezi required time and effort but it was certainly worth it. Alongside with Prezi is Powtoon, these tools can greatly enhance one’s learning journey and I want to utilize them more frequently for academic purposes.

prezi slideshow

Maximizing Prezi’s capability in the forms of slideshow and mind-map.

Lastly, blogging is also one of the fun aspect apart from the enthralling topics that constantly engaged me to think deeper. The online experience is the best I have ever had because I learnt more than I expected. I have grown to be more appreciative of the digital world. A shout out for Lisa and Olja for the 2 weeks of lessons and feedback, it was a learning journey that I will never forget. 🙂