Learning more and more!

Moving from distinguishing our digital identity, the new topic has got me thinking about the importance of managing and protecting our identities. Reading up on the thought-provoking posts by my peers, I realized there’s no right or wrong in having more than one identity. The only mistake is when you choose to exploit the usage of it or when you lose true-self over the process.

Many of us shared the same views regarding the pros and cons of this issue. Yuting raised an interesting point in her comment, questioning how multiple identity may affect our future employment opportunities. In this aspect, I believe that our online identity is like our personal brand and I like how Kelly mentioned that is a form of how we market ourselves.  Hence, we need to be consistent in our online identities to form credibility that fits with our real-life personalities. A credible profile allows us to market ourselves better to potential employers. This reminds me about Yvonne‘s post about how inaccurate profiles leads to confusion for our acquaintances and be deemed as unauthentic. That’s why we must manage our identities well and provide a real image. Be it having one or multiple identities, consistency related to who we are in real life is clearly vital.

Also, Yvonne’s video about how easy identity theft is committed was a brilliant example that relates to privacy. I agree with her that there is higher level of privacy in terms of dispersing your information through multiple identities. However, from today’s Hangout session, our guest Cristina Costa emphasized that NOTHING is private these days and gave a good example: the recent iCloud leakage of celebrity’s photos. Hence I immediately thought about even with multiple identities, there is still possibility of being hacked and losing privacy! So guys, do learn the basics of protecting your own privacy! I recommend the videos from InternetSociety if you have not watched them!

Cheers! 🙂

Side note: It has been a good experience collaborating online with my peers, exchanging views and thoughts!


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