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Short Summary of the Ethical Issues Raised

I have created a Prezi Slides to show an overview about Topic 4 since there are so many interesting issues that one can talk about! Click here to take a look!

It was enjoyable to read about different issues blogged by my peers. I felt that Xiu Zhen’s post was greatly related to my topic about integrity risk and how it’s our responsibility to learn the ethicsIt was apparent from her post that blurred boundaries between personal and professional identities has led to higher (72%) observed misconduct of employees and retaliation after having their misconduct reported. However, with a clearer boundary, there was still a relative percentage (54%) of observed misconduct. Hence we can see that drawing lines between those two spaces is ideal but it ultimately lies on employees’ own responsibility to undertake what they choose to post. It was also highlighted that:


42% of ASN find it acceptable as opposed to  6% of Non-ANS find it acceptable to post negative views about work.

Therefore, I feel that while companies play the role of monitoring their employees behavior and providing social media guides, employees must first be mindful of whether it is ethical to use social media as a frustration outlet for work.

Also, as seen in the Prezi slides I created, cyber-bully is a prominent issue in both educational and business context. Sylvia talked about cyber-bully in the educational area which was thought-provoking! Hence I researched more about the topic and found that:

In Educational context:

info cyber bully

Partial info graphics for Educational Context about Cyber Bully (, 2014)

In Business context:

“A fifth of employers have had to discipline staff for posting nasty comments about a colleague online.”(Business Ethics Briefing, 2011)

It shows the importance of educating both children and adults about cyber-bully to help reduce its’ occurrence. Especially for the younger generations that grew up with technology yet have little to no clue about their digital identity and digital footprints that they gradually leave.

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